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Phat Gaffa

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DRUM SHIELDS Custom and Pre-Made models, any size all applications

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audiophile headphones

SENNHEISER Audiophile Headphones. Impeccable Sound, Unrivalled comfort


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TASCAM Portable digital recorder DR-05. Record to MP3 / WAV


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EV zlx

HK L.U.C.A.S. "NANO 300" Includes 2 Stands and 2 x 10m Speaker Cables!


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WELCOME TO Australia’s audio & music specialist

Pro Sound Productions is the home of Australia's best gaffer tape.. Phat Gaffa and a distinct range of professional audio equipment products & services specifically tailored for the Australian Entertainment Industry. With warehouses based in Perth and Melbourne we can get products to you very fast. Our specialty is PA systems pre-packaged or custom built for your audio applications at any budget or scale. We also provide state of the art digital & wireless PA hire equipment and sound technicians for any scale event. When it comes to putting together a production we put our name behind it.

We also specialise in the installation of PA Systems and Acoustic Treatment Installations featuring our distinct range of Wave Panels and Primacoustic Panels which can transform any room or venue into a pristine recording or audio reference space. We custom design world class acoustic treated environments to suit any budget level.

Pro Sound Productions also serves to advance Music / Audio Education in Australia by delivering professional development and training in music technology, recording systems and live sound engineering.


First and foremost... the highest integrity, honesty, fair-dinkum service and advice, we don't claim to know it all and WILL NOT employ those who think they do. We will be very honest if we cannot help you, we do not undercut other businesses, however our quoting and pricing is for the benefit of all parties, therefore our business must prosper and our clients must save money. Second every production is a positively memorable sonic experience where sound engages the senses and emotions. Third we treat people with the highest respect, we are there to serve our clients whether they are musicians, actors, dancers, students, hard to get along with ect you will be treated with respect as a fellow human being with a goal to reproduce the sound sources as they should be with tech enhancements where possible garnished with great communication where the client is clearly and well spoken to. Fourth our productions and installations will be orderly, highly organised, professionally run with a very flexible attitude to last minute changes as desired or required by our clients. Fifth our work will not only sound great but it must look great with careful attention to aesthetics (as practical) and quality finishings.

Contact us today for your audio and music needs.

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